April 10, 2019
April 10, 2019



Measurement device to determine the engravability of copper cylinders. The measured value informs about the structure and ductility of the copper.

Simple, reliable engravability measurement

HelioMet was specially developed for engraving needs in the gravure printing industry.

Until now, the only criterion for engravability of gravure cyl­ inders was hardness. In addition to hardness, however, the structural composition of the layer to be engraved has a major influence on the cutting behavior as well as the life­time of engraving styli.

This device uses a specially developed probe to measure the electrical conductivity of the layer. The result is information on how well a metal conducts electrical current as well as on its composition and structure, including its microstructure or mechanical properties.

The standards developed by K.Walter enable good evaluations regarding engraving behavior. According to the measurement values the electroplating processes can be influenced, espe­ cially the deposition quality of the tanks. This leads to better production quality and stability.

Overview of features:

Latest measurement equipment technology

Non­destructive measurement with eddy current method

Reliable determination of reproducible measurements>

Rapid identification of material properties

Allows deeper electroplating process control

Simple operation

Extensive memory capacity

Technical data:
Measurements comply with ASTM E 1004 and DIN EN 2004­1 standards (eddy current method)
Measurement range: 0.3 ­ 63 MS/m or 0.5 ­ 108 % IACS
USB Mini­AB connection for printer or PC
2100 mAh battery pack, 110 ­ 230 V plug­in power supply unit
Individual consideration of electrical conductivity temperature coefficient
Automatic shut­off
Alarm function for absolute temperature difference
Audible signal for measurement recording and when tolerances are exceeded
Operating temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Graphic display / touchscreen in 8 languages: DE, CZ, GB, ES, FR, IT, PL, TR
Weight with battery: 600 g
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H): 180 x 90 x 40

Part Number: 215040