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IR GROUP Partners in Drupa 2016

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Flexo plate mounter sold to Mezan Group, Pakistan

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Mezan Group Karachi buy a new High-tech flexo plate mounting machine through SysTech Converting authorized agnet in Pakistan IR Group of companies. The High-tech flexo plate mounting machine which is the most innovative and complete plate mounting in the market. Available for a working width 800mm to 2500mm, it features up to 8 auto-focus cameras with 16 m /...

Rz Roughness tester sold to PackTech (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore

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Daetwyler Graphics, a company of Heliograph holding provide Rz Roughness Tester through their authorized agent IR Group of Companies in Pakistan, successfully to PackTech (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan, which allows you the right surface roughness on a gravure cylinder is not only decisive for a long lifetime but also for a smooth printing performance. Along with M /...

Signing Ceremony between Heliograph holding and IR Group as their sole representative in Pakistan

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Heliograph holding known as provider of reliable solutions in areas of electroplating, automating, surface finishing, electromachanical engraving and laser engraving systems for rotogravure printing as well as system for flexo printing. Heliograph Holding and IR Group signed an agreement of co-operation in Pakistan during 3P Plas print and pack Pakistan 20 /...

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